Floating Blue Ceramic Bird House


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I make these birdhouses by order only. Each piece is handmade and unique. If interested, please contact me by mail (see contact).

Handmade stoneware and waterproof bird house with floating blue glaze on top. This is a unique nesting box for your garden birds.


Product Information

Hand thrown ceramic bird house made of a white clay with pyrite and topped with floating blue glaze. This piece was fired at high temperature making the clay stoneware and waterproof. 

This birdhouse may be hung on a tree limb. The bird hole is around 3,5 cm large, making it likely to attract great tits. 

Size or Dimensions

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Each bird house is handmade so sizes may vary slightly :
Weight : +/- 1 kg 
Height: +/- 20 cm
Width: +/- 15 cm
Opening bird hole: +/- 3,5 cm